bartender /”ba:,tendē(r)/ n. “a person serving behind the bar of a public house”

Wow, how times have changed. This Oxford English Dictionary definition of a bartender is somewhat outdated. Of course, there are still public houses, but we don”t call them that any more. And pubs, now changed beyond recognition, are no longer the only place to find a bartender; think of wine bars, nightclubs and cocktail bars obviously.

Here at TVC, offering coffee and cocktails over 3 floors (plus our new roof terrace), we need high quality bartenders. Bar tending is often under-rated but done properly, requires skill. It involves bar set-up and management, training (how to make a minimum set-list of drinks correctly and consistently to a certain level), customer service and so much more.

We are proud of our innovative cocktail list and we have casino pa natet very high expectations of our bartenders. The guys we hire and train to make casino online and serve our delicious cocktails are not just servers, they are creative, innovative, craftspeople (like master builders in The Lego Movie but actual real people!)

Once experienced, our bartenders can let loose their inner creative flair. We have some really inventive cocktails on our casino online list, using modern ingredients (fresh No matter the name, you must take the class through a state-approved uniforms in schools to be eligible for the ticket dismissal. chilli peppers, lemongrass and lychee for online casinos example) and this is down to the originality and hard work of our bartenders. Think of the TVC Lynchberg (with the beautiful ice crown presentation). We are forever developing and improving our range of cocktails too, so watch this space for our new delights.

So from humble beginnings of doling out pints of beer and packets of crisps in the olden days (!), the role of bartender has developed and been elevated into a skilful and challenging job. Our bartenders compete in “flair” competitions where talented men and women compete to produce the best made drinks (whilst throwing bottles about)!

So, join us in taking our hats off to our hardworking bar staff who really do justice to the title “bartender” in every sense of the word.