Halloween is nearly upon us, and this year I’ve teamed up with Cazcabel Mexican Tequilas to bring an array of delicious drinks to my new home in Oxford. Dia de los Muertos ‘Mexican day of the Dead’ is all about celebrating the lives of those who’ve passed, a day of remembrance, celebration and colour. What better way for us to celebrate halloween than to go feet first into the Mexican day of the dead theme, and base our entire day around the delicious boozy spoils Mexico has to offer.

As an avid Tequila and Mezcal lover i’ve recently discovered Cazcabel, headed up by Proof drinks in the UK.

Their delicious selection of flavoured tequilas and a scintillating blanco have in my eyes brought something new to the scene, its refreshing to see producers creating things at an affordable price that shines through the cluttered market with flavour instead of overbearing branding.

Heres a few tasting notes, and a couple of cocktails i’ve created that use these gorgeous tequilas to make a cracking beverage. Please check out the links to www.masterofmalt.com for further information on how to get your hands on these lovely bottles.



Beautifully balanced earthy agave notes with a fresh citrus edge and a dry peppery finish.
Serve over ice in a rocks glass and garnished with a lime wheel. The perfect ingredient for a range of tequila based cocktails.

I adore using the Blanco in my own take on a classic Paloma. I’d love to see Grapefruit make a real comeback this year in cocktails, it’s deep bitter flavour can easily be balanced with an earthy silver tequila and some sweet home made syrups.

Watermelon Paloma

50ml Cazcabel Blanco
20ml Monin Watermelon Syrup (Or make your own at home) https://www.masterofmalt.com/syrups-and-cordials/monin-pasteque-watermelon-syrup/?srh=1
75ml Grapefruit Juice
15ml Lime Juice
1 Pinch of Salt
50ml Soda


What makes this drink even better is frozen pieces of watermelon dropped into it, as they warm they almost melt into the drink, the perfect tipple on a hot mexican summer’s day!


With the earthy Blanco at its heart, Cazcabel Coffee blends a roasted sweet hit of luxury coffee to the spirit.
Incredibly versatile, excellent for sipping with or without ice, brilliant as a premium cocktail ingredient, or as a unique and delicious dessert topping.

This spirit goes perfectly with chocolate flavours, you can simply shake it up with creme de cacao and serve on a nice ice block as a sipper, or mix it up with different liqueurs. I love using it with Mozart Milk Chocolate Liqueur together they are best friends!

Milky Bot Bot

20ml Double Cream
45ml Cazcabel Coffee
20ml Mozart Milk Chocolate Liqueur
2 dash Mozart Dark Chocolate Bitters
serve straight up in a martini glass

Cazcabel Honey adds a dose of sweet nectar to the blend. Rich, sweet and full of honey.
Unique as the worlds only honey tequila, excellent for sipping with or without ice and simply excellent in a honey margarita.

Whilst i can often be found quaffing a honey margarita i decided to try this earthy, delicious tequila in a Julep. By keeping it simple with a little citrus and mint the flavours are all equally allowed to shine

Cazcabel Honey Julep

50ml Cazcabel Honey
10ml Lime Juice
10ml Sugar Syrup
8 fresh mint leaves ( if you’re feeling adventurous try natural chocolate mint, i grow it at home!)

Whatever way you choose to celebrate Halloween this year, why not try something a little different!