Pongathon City Challenge launched its weekly free ping pong parties last night at TVC, The Varsity Club, by playing mini-pong in the freezing cold of Oxford’s High Street proudly wearing only their Pongathon T-shirts! The ‘see how much we love it’ attitude continued upstairs in our fabulous Lounge bar where the stage was set for some serious social ping pong action!


The Pongathon team made everyone feel really special, adding a healthy dose of ping pong humour whilst Jean Paul on the decks mixed electronic dance, deep house and eclectic ‘chunes to pong to’ for our new Oxford ‘Pongers’!  


The most popular attraction was the ‘Pongbot Challenge’ our very own ping pong robot that takes on all-comers over 60 seconds! Massive congratulations to our first Pongbot Challenge winner, Roberto Tozzi with a score of 27! Are you up for the Challenge?


Pongathon City Challenge is FREE to play every Tuesday between 5.30-8.30pm at TVC. Bring your friends and work colleagues, it’s too much fun not to come!


And for those of you who work in mobile casino the local area and (admit it) like to be a little more competitive, why not join our doubles tournament and represent your company in the Pongathon City Challenge? You can join here www.pongathoncitychallenge.com/oxford


“Why didn’t we hear about this earlier?”

Reply: “Well it’s our opening night so don’t worry you can say you were here first!”


“OMG, I’m texting my friends right away about this place!”

Reply: “And tell them it’s EVERY Tuesday!”


We’ve been looking for a place like this in Oxford!

Reply: “Congratulations you’ve found it!”