Ladies and Gentlemen…drum roll please… The Varsity Club is proud to present its exciting new range of Gin Serves. Based on premium gins married with fresh new flavours, they are now a big feature of our new summer drinks menu.

The ways to enjoy gin have expanded in recent years. No longer just limited to a G&T with any old gin, there has been an explosion of new gin distilleries, innovative flavours and new styles of serving. Gin has moved on from being the preserve of fusty middle aged Surrey drinkers to being a hip modern cocktail.

Our head barman Jake and manager Alex have taken premium gins: W.Edwards, Hendricks, Beefeater, Bombay Star, Tanqueray 10 Year, Monkey 47 and Plymouth Gin; and added vibrant botanicals and flavours – some well known and some more unexpected – which really complement the gin and bring out its best.

You will find fresh fruits (white grapes and strawberries), vegetables (cucumber and ginger), herbs (basil and rosemary), as well as juniper berries and rose petals.

A blast of citrus is cleverly added with dehydrated fruit slices (made in house) which are an intense concentrated flavour capsule released when added to the gin.

These are all topped with premium mixers (tonics and ginger beer) and look absolutely gorgeous with their goblet glassware and garnishes.

See our new menu and we’ll see you very soon to try one of our new Gin Serves.