You will have noticed a distinct lack of blogging from TVC this last month.  You will also have noticed (spot the connection?) the work that has been going on to get The Roof at TVC ready for summer!  Check out the piece in today’s Oxford Mail, to discover the back-story to The Roof, the trials and tribulations, the sweat and tears ! Seriously, it has been a bit of a project, still lots of decisions being made on a daily basis (not sure our capacity for making any more decisions!), crockery Can't see our video? Check our blog for solutions Eight sorority sisters take the Marketplace detox Challenge, casino online testing the claims behind TV star Dr. ordered yesterday, tables ordered, posters printed, plasterers here (causing soo much dust). It has been a challenge but it will be worth it.

We are now taking bookings, so come on up to The Roof and see for yourself.  Love TVC