This time last week I was attempting to not only contain my excitement, but also curb my appetite in preparation for the extravagant 6 course menu I would be sampling on the Wednesday at the Varsity Food Experience.

While I don’t consider myself to be cordon bleu chef, or a food critic, I am appreciative of the creative process behind curating a delicious and indulgently tantalizing menu. 

Etch is a company set up to imprint, define and impress. Their concept is innovative and executed with exquisite detail. Coupled with the very interactive element of the two chefs preparing, plating and discussing each course allows for guests to consider and enjoy every ingredient chosen.

Not only were their dishes a delight to eat, but visually they were phenomenal. Naturally, in this social media age, I managed to document as much of the experience as possible – see our Twitter!

This was our third pop up restaurant and I can confidently say that good things do indeed come in threes! To keep up to date about future Varsity Food Experience’s please sign up to our newsletter.